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Hi everyone! This is Julia of The Broke and the Bookish, formerly blogging on my own at The Competitive Bibliomaniac.

I read mostly historical romance, but can often be found reviewing paranormal romance, young adult books (mostly distopian/fantasy), fantasy/sci-fi, classics, and the occasional non-fiction book about languages.

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It is time for a celebration! I have finally, FINALLY, after literally months of work, moved all 1098 of my books from Goodreads to Booklikes by hand. I reorganized my shelves to a more reasonable system for me, and damn it if I am not happy that it is finally done. Though I was a little sad the numbers didn't match up in the end. I must have added a book on BL at some point and forgotten to do the same over on GR. oh well.


Sorry for that last flood of adds. I wanted to just power through the last 80 books. You'll be seeing the final reviews from GR as they post throughout the next week or so. 


While I am talking, how fucking cool that we have a book database! I am itching so hard to get whatever librarian privileges are going to be called over here. While looking and adding the last of my books, I found so many duplicates, misspellings, missing authors, messed up book covers. All fixable things! 


The new BL design is amazing and I am so happy that we even have a book database! Baby steps are all I need. Things are moving in the right direction here, unlike GR. What the hell is up with that new Q&A box?  So annoying.


Anyway, that's all. I really should be sleeping, but I could just taste  the finish line and so I had to cross it.