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Just Finished Reactions: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer

**A small amount of spoilers below**

I liked Jacob. I really did. And I really felt bad for him for all the things Bella pulled on him in this book. I remember my eyes rolling at her reaction to the loss of her love (the pages with just month names was a little over the top). But I genuinely liked Jacob.

But with this, as well as the last, there seemed to be climax problems. (Taken from a review I wrote when I read it in 2008) "I am waiting and waiting for Bella to get trapped by Victoria and maybe have Edward hear about it and come running back to save her while the wolves protected her (speaking of, really Bella? you could NOT get that he was a werewolf.. she’s supposed to be smart..) 

And then I thought I got it when she saw the fire hair in the water. But no OMG Edward thinks your dead and we need to pull the whole Romeo and Juliet thing by going to Italy to save him. Now this one I don’t think bothered me as much as Twilight because the premise was there, but still. I just didn’t have enough time to build and adequate amount of suspense. I loved the actual sequence though but I just didn’t love it as much as I would if it had been building a bit. "


Originally published on GR in 2010, and most of the review was written on my LJ in 2008