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Just Finished Reactions: Back Across the Styx by Karalynn Lee

Back Across the Styx - Karalynn Lee

I was on a five hour flight today and decided to give this one a try. I believe it was on a Dear Author daily deal a while back so I took a risk. I like Greek mythology. I really liked the dark hunter series when it first started out, and personally have been craving a good Hades/Persephone story (Seriously. Anyone know of any?)


Anyhoo, enter this book. This novella is about Bion, the son of Hades and Persephone and Myrrine, a girl who was born in Charon's boat and so he keeps her since she didn't have a coin to pay.


This story is kind of all over the place. There is a plot surrounding the 300 Spartan's killed at Thermopylae being taken out of the underworld and the heroine is kidnapped kinda but then really isn't and Bion is there too and it's okay I guess. 


My biggest problem is nothing is every really fleshed out. Things are glossed over, characters not really developed. It's very telling and not showing. 


The premise was good. I think it would have worked as the start of a longer novel, but the way it stands it was just a decent way to entertain me for 1/5th of my flight.