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Progress Post: Evertrue by Brodi Ashton

Evertrue  - Brodi Ashton

So this is the final book in this trilogy. I honestly am reading it just so I can say I finished it. I don't find much enjoyment out of this series really. Well a teeny part of me wants to know what is going to happen so there is that to. So I am going to use this post to snark the hell out of it. Legitimate snarking FTW. 


3/15/14 - 235 out of 352 pages. 

Damn this book. It's the little things that bother me. For instance, they go down to the Everneath then come back and end up in Nebraska which is states away from where they wanted to be in Utah. We have three teenager looking people, one who doesn't remember who he is and was found in a homeless shelter, so he probably doesn't have a drivers license. HOW THE FUCK DID HE BOARD THE PLANE? PLUS she said he had mud caked in his hair and never mentioned a shower, so I can only assume he is walking around looking like a 10 century viking (did I mention I just watched the first season of History channel's VIkings? Good series. It's like the poor man's Game of Thrones (plot wise) but the characters are extremely interesting.)


Then later he find a stack of cards with his name and we go through this whole charade of a scene where he doesn't know how to "buy a hotel room." So I can only assume that with this stack of cards was his drivers license which pisses me off more because he would not have been able to board the plane. And let's say, for sake of argument, that he had his license the whole time. This hotel room buying scene has him not know which one is his license, which he would already know from boarding the airplane (Which apparently he had no trouble with that we heard of... but hotel room buying omg so hard).


I think this frustrates me more because the author is trying to redeem a character through amnesia that I find irredeemable. I don't like where this is going. This guy is an asshole who did truely asshole things. Now he remembers none of them and is the sweetest guy. Does that happen? When you get amnesia does your whole personality change? God only a hundredish more pages.... 


3/14/14 - 145 out of 352 pages.

Well I finally stopped cringing at the thought of continuing this and just decided to go all in. This book is so damn inconsistent. Like one minute she is so weak she cant barely speak, the next she is walking? Then the guy fucking relearns English after repeating a few choice phrases? Fuck that. 


Not to mention the TSL heroine. He was having some sort of nightmare... couldnt image what that could be... it probably isn't at all related to the nightmares you have had twice in this book... not at all. 


The one this I will say is i am still curious to where this is going... so at least there is that. I am just going to get there with a lot of eye rolls and head shakes.



3/6/14 - 10 out of 352 pages.

(paraprased) "It not his fault for tricking me and doing the completely horrid thing he did. It's mine for trusting him" Urgh.  


"a bunch of girls playing some sort of game that involved tagging and freezing" um. That would be freeze tag. Are people not familiar with this?


3/6/14 - 102 of 352 pages

I've now read a little under a third of this book, and nothing really has happened. I've found out like 2 things. This reads like I am watching a bad scifi movie. This series could have been good. Why could it not have been a cool rewrite of Hades/Persephone? I really want to read one of those.