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Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Firelight - Sophie Jordan

This depresses me. This cover, this concept.... graw! It just compelled me but then the actual outcome was so disappointing it hurts.

At first I thought it was me. "No.. you are just comparing it to Twilight because its YA and paranormal. It's not because of the bland characters, the characteristic-less heroine, the border-line call the cops love interest."

ARGH! I wanted to like this soo much. But as I thought of what to write here, and trying to spin it positively it turned out something like this:

"Well the plot is kind of missing... but there are characters! But the secondary characters are kind of one note... but there are main characters!! Who are unlikable shells..."

The dragon part is the only thing this book has going. I wanted more of the mythos! And in the first chapter I thought we would have that... then they moved and it turned into another Twilight wanna be.

This review sounds so harsh. But I guess it has to be. I am truly sad to feel this way because, damn it DRAGON LOVE STORY! I just wish it could have been more focused on her struggles as a Draki and her life there instead of her as defined by who she is in love with.



Originally posted on GR in Sept 2011