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Hi everyone! This is Julia of The Broke and the Bookish, formerly blogging on my own at The Competitive Bibliomaniac.

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Duke of Midnight  - Elizabeth Hoyt

282 out of 360 pages. (12/16/13)

Yes. It is very safe to say that I am really enjoying this one. And I am a little bit more okay with the plots at this point because I think they are all going to come together well, if I have predicted everything correctly. Maybe not though. 


Also, I really like these two characters. They aren't typical hero and heroine, not even for the Maiden lane series. Love it!


200 out of 360 pages. (12/16/13)

Thanks be to the heavens! Maybe we'll say the Grecian gods to go with the heroine's name in this story (Artemis... and yes she does have a twin named Apollo). Why am I thanking the heavens? Well, this story had the potential to be very similar to the last two, a statement I lamented in my last update. But, rejoice! It isn't. It has a completely different plot and concept, one that robbed me of my sleep last night. It is suffering a bit from too many plots, like these last Maiden Lane books have. But overall I am enjoying it, which is quite a relief from being lukewarm at best on the last book and mildly entertained from the one before that. Hopefully I can finish tonight and it doesn't keep me up super late. 



7 out of 360 pages. (12/15/13)

Damn it! This is series is so convoluted I have forgotten what happened in the last book nor if it even mattered to what happened in this book. All I remember is the last two books were a rehash of each other and my biggest fear is this is the third book in that rehash. We shall see.