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Review and Progress Post: Wedding of the Season by Laura Lee Guhrke

Wedding of the Season - Laura Lee Guhrke

This book started out awesome. I loved the fact that there was a car. But the more I read the more bored I became. I'd say 200 pages of this book are either the hero or the heroine thinking about why the other isn't going to change, why they should change, or remembering the past.

Let me back up. Will abandoned Trix three weeks before their wedding to go to Egypt. It was made known in the first 10 pages she did not want to go and he did not want to stay.

300 pages later and we are still at that point, really. I just couldn't believe that it would work out.

Second, something about Will just really rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know if i could put my finger on what exactly. I think it may do with the fact that I felt he was manipulated the heroine.

And finally, and most importantly, I don't think the heroine grew at all. Pretty much her whole life she as been doing what the males in her life had wanted her too. She spent her whole life ruled by them. Gurke had an opportunity here since this was set in the 1900s to really have the heroine come into herself as herself and not herself as defined by the men in her life (which was kind of how things came off for me). 

I finished it, though by page 300 I was skimming the "how do I change him/her" thought monologues.


Originally posted on GR in 2011


01/03/2011 page 119   31.0% "So far I really like the struggle of the heroine from doing what's expected and breaking out like many women in the early 1900s did. I also like that there are cars :D"
01/08/2011 page 302   79.0% "Gah! When will this book end? 60 more pages?! How? So far all it's been is "I want him/her to change" & internal monologues of epic proportions. Not like the other Guhrke novels that I've loved. Oh well, I'll push through. (I still like the car though)"