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Review: Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas

Tempt Me at Twilight - Lisa Kleypas

I liked this one, especially the unique setting (a hotel) and plot line of the main couple (dastardly villain and naive princess get together and have to overcome the dastard-deeds and the childlike naivete.)

The secondary characters were a bit cardboardy, especially the new ones. If you didnt get your book yet, then you still have some life in you. HEA syndrome at its best. 

Allow me to spoilery rant of a bit:


So what the hell is it with this family and marriage? They are like living on an island where only family can intermarry. So Amelia marries gypsy Cam who turns out to be the real gypsy brother of Meripen who has been Amelia's fake gypsy brother since they were kids. He ends up marrying his fake non-gypsy sister, Wyn, whom he's loved since he was little. THEN Miss Cat Marks comes in and its obvious she is meant to be Leo's love and who does she turn out to be the secret half-sister of? Harry the hero of this book who marries Poppy, Leo's sister. 

I wracked my brains for a second trying to figure out who would be the poor sot who would complete this mess with Beatrix. Luckily for the world, as far as I know, he is not related to anyone or the secret best friend of something blah! (But I haven't read the book yet, just the summary).

(show spoiler)


So yeah. To sum up. Loved the plot (except for the anticlimactic ending), thought the leads were okay, secondaries one note, oh and I forgot to mention the info dumps that help us learn all we need to know about Harry. Meh. 

I read it on one long day of plane travel and genuinely did enjoy it. I even laughed quite a bit. 

Now let's hope Leo in his book doesn't succumb to my second least favorite series happening (the first being that once people are married, have their HEA and pop out a baby or two they cease being interesting or individuals), the secondary male character who was funny and amusing as hell in the books leading up to his, but then falls flat on his face as a lead.. also known as the Colin Bridgerton.


Originally posted on GR in 2013