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Review: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Everneath - Brodi Ashton

When I read the description for Everneath a few months back, I thought to my self "This sounds a lot like Hades/Persephone." Now that I have finished I can confidently say, that this is like mythology updated in a rather unique way with a dash of Persephone and a splash of Orpheus and Eurydice and a hint of old school Egypt.

The story actually starts off pretty confusingly as we are pushed right into the mythos of Ashton's world. No backstory. No these are the rules. Nothing. We learn what was going on through a series of flashbacks and/or as Nikki learns it herself. 

The story soon sucked me in. I really like how it is inspired by mythology, but not a direct copy. The plot was very well paced. As the time got close, I felt the sense of urgency with Nikki. 

The characters were pretty okay. Rather well rounded, but there is some room for improvement. Nothing that ever actively made me want to kill them because they bored me that's for damn sure. 

Nikki was not too teen like, but not too mature, but not too well functioning for all the stuff that happened to her. It was a perfect mix. 

Jack had a little less depth to him, at least that we could see, but I guess as I type this it makes sense. I mean the novel was told from Nikki's perspective so ... I can forgive this one.


I hope this is never mistaken for a "love triangle book" or never becomes one in the future because seriously, this guy is a dick. I see almost no good qualities in him, besides he someone keeps his word when he gives it. 

I think I could grow to love to hate him. Like I understand him, he his a well written character, but still. A big fat tool.

The ending, which of course is a set up for a series (i really, really need to read some standalone ya. does it even exist anymore?), i thought was pretty satisfying and the pitch for the next book isn't a horrid cliffhanger or anything. The story of this book solidly wraps up. 

So overall I was highly engaged and am looking forward to reading the next ones. I would LOVE to see more mythology inspired books like this one.


Also, awesome line: "He gave me a smile that I could've sold on the internet for money" 


Originally posted on GR in Feb 2012