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Just Finished Reactions & Progress Post: Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

My review from GRs was rather short. All it said was "I have thoughts and lots of them. They will be forthcoming." Well they were never forthcoming, but I did have some private notes that resembled a Just Finished Reaction.


- Mary Sue

- Annoying love triangle that hinders the plot

- interesting plot but underdeveloped world

- obvious answer and TSTL heroine who is supposed to be an assassin wtf

- very two dimensional secondary characters (Chaol)


Maybe my progress notes would be more revealing.

09/04/2012 page 160   38.0% "I knew I shouldn't have started reading this tonight... now no sleeps shall be had."
09/04/2012 page 184   44.0% "Of course there is a love triangle. *shakes fist* And part of me is beginning to dislike C.. however you spell her name. But I have 3/4 of the book for that to change."
09/05/2012 page 241   57.0% "hmm. something about these characters is keeping me from clicking with them. the story is interesting but I just can't put my finger on the character thing. despite that this is one of the best ya I have read since the hunger games."
09/07/2012 page 264   63.0% "How is it that leader of the castle guard dude has not had ONE THOUGHT that we have seen that is surrounding the REPEATED UNSOLVED MURDERS IN THE CASTLE! NOT. ONE. THOUGHT. What do you hear about whenever we get the privilege to have him narrate? About how fucking amazing assassin chick is. Not even an aside of "maybe i should stop watching her through these bushes and figure out those murders""
09/07/2012 page 264   63.0% "Or here's a thought. Since you trust and like her so much, why dont you ask for her help, since Ms MarySuassassin (verdict pending on my final thought on this) is you know good with planning murders and all? You showed her the body once and she rocked the shit out of it. Maybe not wanting to mix work and play? oh wait.That sure as hell doesn't apply. I really hate when love triangles take over an interesting plot. :("