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Just Finished Reactions & Progress Post: The Duke is Mine by Eloisa James

The Duke Is Mine - Eloisa James

I liked it but the ending was just so random. Almost anti-climactic. Nowhere NEAR the awesomeness that was When Beauty Tamed the Beast.

So lets look at the good things! They have names! Olivia! Quin! Georgie! The Dowager Duchess! I could continue. The point is the characters were awesome. Strong! Fun! Dimensional! Especially Quin and Olivia. 

I was laughing out loud quite a bit at the puns, limericks and double entendres in this book (of course I do love wordplay). 

I want to say something about Rupert but I am having trouble finding what. He is not all there mentally and expresses his emotions openly much to the display of the ton (we are told this early on). There is an early scene that I thought worked okay that some people may not like

where Olivia and Rupert try to have sex. I dont think that it was disgusting, but I could see how someone may take it that way. I thought it was funnily written and sweet how it ended. I hurt for them both in that scene)

(show spoiler)


But I think Olivia and Rupert have a relationship that is respectful (though it may not start out that way) and do not think the book should be disregarded because of it. Just my opinion and it may not be yours so take that in to concideration when deciding if you want to read this book.

So overall, I would recommend it but maybe not to new James readers. If you are that, check out When Beauty Tamed the Beast

It's fun and I think it is suppose to be. The ending seems a little, out of place and there are places I think the story could have gone that could have been really interesting

especially having to do with the two sisters, one duke conundrum..and Olivia's guilt with falling for her future brother-in-law. I felt that story was convenient and could have be pushed more.. to something really unique and interesting

(show spoiler)

Regardless though, I would still recommend it, especially if you are a James fan already.

Also I didn't notice the Justin Bieber reference until I read the authors notes. I am glad I didn't...


Originally posted on GR in Jan 2012


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01/03/2012 page 86   22.0% "Okay. Its official. I love this heroine. She has such ... for lack of a better term... balls!"