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Just Finished Reactions & Progress Post: Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

Born Wicked  - Jessica Spotswood

hmm. This one is going to be tough to do my initial phone review. Born Wicked is a alternate history dystopian. It falls into some ya patterns: the love triangle , witches ... 

I read it really quickly. it kept my interest but looking back the plot in the middle was a little repetitive...and the ending so rushed and confusing that I am still not sure what happened and why decisions were made. 

That said, I was entertained. Cate though frustrating with some of her choices, was a solid lead. I understood her motivation, but it seemed a little misplaced. I wish we knew a little more about read and Maura though. 

For the love triangle, Paul was more a plot devise then a character, but Finn and Cate were seriously awesome together. If this story were just about them I'd be ecstatic. 

So I enjoyed it. Fast read. If you like ya and the tropes but want a historical twist, this is your book. 

I will be reading the next three books. Also there's a cliffhsnger. Of course. 

ps forgive my phone typos.


Originally posted in Feb 2012. I tried to get to phone typos..


02/18/2012 page 111   34.0% "So far, so good. Though these page numbers with the little vines behind them make it almost impossible to read without concentrating really hard. But seriously. I am complaining about the page numbers."