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Review: Matthew by Emma Lang

Matthew - Emma Lang

This was a quick fun read. I was not looking for something super deep, and this wasn't it. The surprises were quite predictable. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I wanted a Western and this is exactly the answer to that. 

The Story
Matthew is raising his six siblings after the murder of their parents and the abduction of the youngest. While all Matthew wants to do is find his brother and enact revenge, he realizes that he needs to keep the ranch going to support the rest of his family. This includes getting some land his parents laid claim to, but oh no! he needs a wife to get the land. 

Enter Hannah. 

The story was fine. It was pretty predictable, but it held my interest regardless. And I am curious about what is going on in the larger story arc of the series with the parents murder and Ben's kidnapping. 

The Characters
Matthew and Hannah I thought were both pretty standard. Nothing really set them apart for me as standout leads. At the same time, nothing stood out for me (that I can think of now) as things that I could negatively comment about them. 

The story itself wasn't too deep, and the characters barely scratched the surface of themselves, if that makes sense. But in the context of the story, it was fine.

The Execution
Meh. There were some technical errors with some grammar and things that popped out. But I kept reading anyway. There were some obvious tropes and cliches. But I kept reading anyway. The plot of this story pretty much stares you in the face in the first quarter. But I kept reading anyway. 

This won't be for you if any of that would bother you.

The Romance
It wasn't bad. I liked some of the sexy times, and I thought that Hannah's character was more interesting based on her reactions to the sex and the relationship in vs out of the bedroom.

The romance itself though was almost an apparition. I would have appreciated more time with them alone as a couple exploring their new relationship. The times that did happen in the novel I really enjoyed.

Overall, it was what I was looking for. Something light and entertaining. Something that I didn't have to read too deep into. Oh and it was set in cowboy time. That was a major requirement.

If you have less tolerance for books that are easy to predict, don't like cowboys, or want some more meat in your story, you may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, Matthew is your book :)


Originally posted on GR in July 2012