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Wait... is this sex?

I am clipping along, reading my book, the characters start to kiss then, this happens. I am taking out character names because if you haven't read this book yet it would be a spoiler.


"The distant sound of music vibrated in the air. Pulsing, the magical harmony soon rose to a crescendo and encompassed us like a warm blanket. The prison cell and filthy straw dropped away from our awareness. Whiteness draped in snowy silk surrounded us. On this plane we were equals, partners. Our souls bonded. His pleasure was my ecstasy. My blood pumped in his heart.


Utter bliss came in short snatches, although *character name* and I were happy to try again. We had merged our minds had become one. I drew in his essence, feasting on the feel of his body in mine, exhilarating in the caress of his skin against mine. He filled the hollow emptiness inside my heart with joy and light. Even though we lay in the grubby straw and faced an uncertain future, a deep hum of contentment vibrated throughout my body"


When I first read this I was like, "Wow. Is that a euphemistic riddled sex scene or what! ...But wait, is it? This is a book where magic is a reality... are they really on a different existence plane? Nah I am pretty sure this was just super quick, repeated prison cell sex.


I just had to share that crazy thought train. 


This book isn't what I would consider to be a traditional romance novel so I went into it not realizing this would happen, hence my omitting the book name. A surprise romance subplot is always fun when done well. This flowery prose came slightly jarring after a pretty much straight forward storytelling process up until this, but if you are curious and want to read more...

it's Poison Study by Maria Snyder.

(show spoiler)