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Review: A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

Thoughts to come. So many feelings....

This books is a great start to the series. it sets everything up well, but like some fantasy books I have read, does not leave me turning a page and finding the end of a half complete book. I hate when cliffhangers happen AND there is no story resolution within that book. Game of Thrones delivers on this aspect. 

I actually had a little video of myself with all of my **many spoilery feelings** which is as of yet unedited. 

I have some issues with the characterization thus far though. The females to me are seeming sort of ... standard female types. Like there is the Manipulative Bitch, the Good Wife, the Tomboy, and Prissy Girl. The one exception I would probably give is Dany. She had a lot of growth already occur, and you could see it help her character.

I guess it's a more of a roll my eyes thing instead of a legit recommendation not to read the book. I was assured that the ladies get better stories as we go, so I'll see what happens there.

Sometimes the 800 narrators get confusing and if there is a substantial amount of time that happens between POV switches, I need a little refresher. Normally, Martin does a good job of seamlessly weaving it into the prose for me though.

Overall though, the world is amazing. I am looking forward to knowing more about all these people!


Recommended to me by my cousin Tony.

Originally written in August 2012 and posted on GR. 


And since there was only one status update:

05/21/2012 page 50   6.0%  
05/30/2012 page 397   47.0% "I am completely enraptured by this book. If I were not in Japan I'd be reading it constantly!"