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Review: One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean

I was worried about this one, because I saw it hadn't been getting good reviews at some sites. Luckily, I was wrong.

The Story
This story takes place right where the last left off. Like literally. There was no recap even of the awesome scene that ended A Rogue by Any Other Name, which could totally put off those readers who have not read the first. I even read the first and was a little lost without the reminder.

Anyway, Pippa is looking for some answers on what takes place between a man and woman after marriage and has come to Cross for help. She figured with his analytical mind, she would relate to him easier and it would make sense to him what she wants. Because, it's not actual experience, but knowing what comes next. Pippa doesn't want to enter into the marriage vow lightly. She doesn't lie and thus not knowing what comes next freaks her out about her impending marriage.

So the easiest way to sum up this book is Pippa searches for answers regarding the marriage bed. Hilarity ensues. 

Cross has his own demons the arise in this book and they start to become intertwined with Pippa, much to his dismay. I liked this part of the story a bit less then Pippa's side, but it was still rather engaging.

The Characters
Pippa is awesome. Full stop. She reminds me of a female Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory thrust into Regency England. So not only is she strange with her forthright nature, but also because she likes to study things. She is much more concerned with the hows and whys of life than her sisters. To watch her struggle to try to relate to emotions before she fully understands them is truly wonderful and adds so much depth to her character. Also, like Sheldon, it brings the hilarity.

Cross is a troubled soul, like so many of his romantic lead counterparts. The mistakes he's made in his part are catching up with him and he finally wants to stop running. Of course this coincides with his budding romance with Pippa, making his life pretty much stressful as all hell. I appreciated his interactions with Pippa and the witty banter between them, but that really belongs in the next section.

The secondary characters were rather well developed and I really hope to see more of them in future books. Or at least, I look forward to seeing them as I am sure they will prominently feature.

The Romance
This was my favorite part. The interactions between Pippa and Cross. Pippa has no problem speaking her mind and thus has no qualms sharing the fact that she is an odd duck. Cross is really one of the few who accepts her as she is, oddities and all. 

The banter between them and the tension was just awesome. I love a book that builds some tension! Thus the final realization between them is wonderful. 

The Execution
There were some seriously laugh out loud funny scenes in this book. I mean really, I was seal-bark laughing. So much so I had to just read things to my friend sitting next to me to share the hilarity. This was one of those books you just sit down and read. And I was super lucky I had the time to do it. 

The Overview
Overall I really loved this book. There were some issues with the story almost having too much in it that caused certain aspects to be underdeveloped, but what mattered, the romance between Cross and Pippa was strong and entertaining. I would pick this up if you liked the first in the series.


Originally posted on GR in February 2013.  Slightly edited since my grammar skills were lacking. :)