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Challenge: 30 Day Book Challenge Day Twenty-Five

On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn

A Character Who You Can Relate To the Most


Yay! Finally one that I can answer without research and deep thinking. So this may not apply to me right at the moment, but I have been known a few times in my past to fall for a dude who is a friend. Then I never say anything about my feelings as they come to me and tell me how much they adore my other friend, dying a little each time. Oh, hormones and fear of rejection and all that. Fun stuff.


Anyway let's tie this to the book shall we? Lucy, our leading lady in On The Way to the Wedding has a bad case of unrequited friend love that hit incredibly close to home the last reread of this a few years ago. Like, "Omg this is me! *sad crocodile tears*" sort of reaction. 


I don't know if I read it again at this moment if it would bring me to such an emotional place again, but in that moment I was Lucy and Lucy was me.