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Hi everyone! This is Julia of The Broke and the Bookish, formerly blogging on my own at The Competitive Bibliomaniac.

I read mostly historical romance, but can often be found reviewing paranormal romance, young adult books (mostly distopian/fantasy), fantasy/sci-fi, classics, and the occasional non-fiction book about languages.

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Ralph Keyes
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Challenge: 30 Day Book Challenge Day Nineteen

The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure - William Goldman

Favorite Book Turned Movie

The Princess Bride. Hands down. Discussion over. I freaking love this movie. I recently had the chance to go see it in a theater (like literal place you go see plays, theater) projected onto this enormous screen. It was $5 and this place filled up! The best part was the mix of people in the audience. You can tell that some people were experiencing the magic of this movie for the first time, while others were reliving its magic. Something awesome was that when a particularly classic line was about to happen the popcorn munching would stop and all the rumbles that an audience normally makes ceased until the famous line hath been said. Then laughter would ensure. It was awesome.


The reason I chose it here was two fold. First, I think it is a kickass movie. Second I would say the movie is something I enjoyed more than the book. The book I read after the movie, but it just dragged a bit for me whereas the movie was paced perfectly. I did enjoy the extra details about Inigo and Fezzik's lives the book brought. but in the end I just want to hear the "Inconceivable"s and the "As you wish"es. 


Such a good movie. *happy sigh*