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Review: Secret Fire by Johanna Lindsey

Secret Fire - Johanna Lindsey

This book is the most frustrating, rapetastic, victim blaming shlock I have had the pleasure of reading. I knew going into it that it was a like it or loathe it type of book. Curiosity and a love of Russian romances made me give it a try for myself. 

Katherine starts off awesome. She recognizes that not only was she drugged and raped but that everyone involved is despicable. She stayed that way a really long way into the book too. I was honestly only reading on to see how Lindsey would even attempt to dig this asshole (aka the "hero") out of his hole. 

Katherine's character makes no sense. In the beginning she is strong and awesome. But as she falls in love, an emotion she claimed to not understand at the start of the book, she makes excuses for what she admitted herself was deplorable and falls in love. 

I could maybe see myself liking this before I understood what rape and rape culture truly meant. So like at 12. I can't like it now. Nor could I rec it to anyone. 

This was typed on my phone. I'll elaborate and fix it later.


Originally posted on GR in April 2013.. and i never did fix it later :)