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Challenge: 30 Day Book Challenge Day Fourteen

The Golden Compass  - Philip Pullman

Book Turned Movie and Completely Desecrated


I am not sure if this entirely fair to call this a complete desecration since I refuse to even see it, but The Golden Compass is my choice. My sister saw it and I trust her judgement. And I think what angers me so much about this one is that they had a good director, a stellar cast and a great following. I think the script wasn't originally horrid either... but the damn marketing department and pressure from the studio to make it happier in like super post-production pretty much doomed this movie. I've seen the footage from the original ending and I would totally give this movie a watch and a chance if I could see the original cut.


Anyway I think my wrath also has to do with the fact that these books like tore my soul (pun intended) when I was in high school. The only published fan fiction I have ever written to day was for His Dark Materials. I still sit eagerly awaiting the day that Pullman finally publishes The Book of Dust. One day, one day... 


So I just had high expectations for this. I really wanted to see it, but I won't if it is going to color any bit of happiness that I currently get when I think of Lyra, Will and the gang. Damn it movie producers! Why must you ruin good things!