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Hi everyone! This is Julia of The Broke and the Bookish, formerly blogging on my own at The Competitive Bibliomaniac.

I read mostly historical romance, but can often be found reviewing paranormal romance, young adult books (mostly distopian/fantasy), fantasy/sci-fi, classics, and the occasional non-fiction book about languages.

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Wanton Christmas Wishes
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The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
Wilhelm Grimm, Jacob Grimm, Matthew R. Price, Noel Daniel
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I Love it When You Talk Retro: Hoochie Coochie, Double Whammy, Drop a Dime, and the Forgotten Origins of American Speech
Ralph Keyes
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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
Christopher Moore
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Random Question to Comic Book Readers

I have recently been really getting into the Marvel Comics Universe. Partly because of the excellent movies over the years and being curious to know more, but mostly because of them finally being available to me in a way that I don't have to pay for every single one. I gota subscription to Marvel Unlimited for Christmas and started reading a few comics on my last plane journey. 


So a few questions. Do you guys keep track of your comic books that you have read like you would with books? Like do you have a comic book shelf? If you don't keep track of them here, is there a comic-centric site like this one? 


I did a search and saw that the series that I was reading (Captain Marvel) is in the Booklikes database, but I dont know if I want to add them here. My books read totals would inflate dramatically with including every 24 page comic that I read. 


Should I just suck it up and up my goal with every comic read? 


Also do you have any recommendations? I am sort of overwhelmed by the vastness of comics to choose from. My "must read things in order" attribute is twitching as I read Volume 8, but I just cant figure out a way for me to start from the beginning and read sequentially. I would have to read multiple series at once I think to cover one character's arc which would then spoil me for another... urgh


So I just picked the latest Captain Marvel since I like her in my Marvel Puzzle Quest phone game and wanted to know more.


Any help or guidance would be wonderful!!