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Review: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

It's a gripping world Scott Westerfeld has created, one that you can clearly see as a possible outcome of our future. I don't read many YA novels, I didn't read many YA novels when my age fell into that category, but completing Uglies after a day of marathon reading made me wish I had the next in the series sitting on my nightstand. 

The story is about a girl, Tally, and her journey to become a "Pretty." At the age of 16 everyone gets an operation to make themselves beautiful. Being on the younger end of the year, all of her school friends have already gotten the operation, leaving her pretty much alone. Until she meets Shay, who starts talking nonsense along the lines of "We are only Ugly because it's what they tell us to believe" or "I like my face, asymmetrical though it is." 

And that is all the catalyst life needs to throw Tally into a story she never wanted to be in.

Also, I got this book as a free ebook from the publishers and you can too as long as it's before September 5th 2009 (I believe thats the right date).


Originally posted on GR in Aug 2009. Guess we are a little past the deadline for a free copy... also it is interesting that this was one of the first YA books that I read. I didn't know that.