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RetroReview: The Malory Novels by Johanna Lindsey

Love Only Once: A Malory Novel - Johanna Lindsey Tender Rebel - Johanna Lindsey Gentle Rogue (Malory Novels) - Johanna Lindsey The Magic of You - Johanna Lindsey Say You Love Me (Malory, No. 5) - Johanna Lindsey The Present (Malory Family, #6) - Johanna Lindsey A Loving Scoundrel (Malory Family Series) - Johanna Lindsey, Laural Merlington

The Mallory Series
Love Only Once
By Johanna Lindsey
Bams Says: AH! This is the first book of the Malory Novels. These novels are my favorite family series ever! This first one stars Regina and Nicholas, a rake of course! Oh so good. Highly recommended!

Tender Rebel
By Johanna Lindsey
Bams Says: Book number two in the Malory Novels! This one is Bunny's favorite, because it stars Anthony Malory the notorious rake and Roslynn, who has a bit of a Scottish temper! Highly Recommended!

Gentle Rogue
By Johanna Lindsey
Bams Says: AH IT'S JAMES! I love this one, probably because it was the first Malory novel I read... they're better when read in order but I didn't know there was an order. This one is my favorite couple, James and George. Georgina really but everyone calls her George. Highly Recommended!

The Magic of You
By Johanna Lindsey
Bams Says: This Malory Novel stars none other then George's brother, Warren, and James' niece, Amy! It's cute to see big tough manly Warren be bested by little Amy. Highly Recommended!

Say You Love Me
By Johanna Lindsey
Bams Says: It's Jason's son's turn, Derrek to have his own book! Derrek and Kelsey are the stars of this one. Not enough James action for me, but I really enjoyed this book! Highly recommended!

The Present
By Johanna Lindsey
Bams Says: This was a nice little Malory story about all of them gathering for Christmas. They find a mysterious present, and find out about a certain Christopher Malory and Anastasia.

A Loving Scoundrel
By Johanna Lindsey 
Bams says: Well, Jeremy, James' son, tied for my favorite, finally got his own book. It was wonderful. I have my favorite parts! But the one part I really love I cannot say, because it will ruin it >.< But read it, you'll love it if you love the Malories!




Note from now: Oh the enchanted innocence of yore. Damn did this series get monotonous. I honestly dont remember loving A Loving Scoundrel as much as it sounds like here. I wonder if I went back as reread these if I would like them as much. I have a feeling these ones are dreadfully old school. Still, I remember really enjoying Tender Rebel and Gentle Rogue, so maybe at least those are worth another go round.


Now that I think on it, I dont think I am actually caught up with this series. I have not officially given it up yet (like I have the Dark Hunters... urgh), so maybe in prep for reading the ones I have yet to read, I can do the older few. Look a plan hatches!


I am also marveling at the beginning days of my reviewing. I was a lot more of a generous reviewer then... now I am much harsher. In another note, I misspelled 'recommended' every time it was written. Oh the lack of spell check in HTML. I still have to think hard to spell that word haha




RetroReview is a short series I am doing from old reviews I found on my old Geocities page, so pre-GR circa 2004. I was in high school so forgive the lingo. Bunny and Gary are my friends code names; Bams is mine.