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Hi everyone! This is Julia of The Broke and the Bookish, formerly blogging on my own at The Competitive Bibliomaniac.

I read mostly historical romance, but can often be found reviewing paranormal romance, young adult books (mostly distopian/fantasy), fantasy/sci-fi, classics, and the occasional non-fiction book about languages.

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Wanton Christmas Wishes
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I Love it When You Talk Retro: Hoochie Coochie, Double Whammy, Drop a Dime, and the Forgotten Origins of American Speech
Ralph Keyes
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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
Christopher Moore
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Book Reviews from my Past

So today I finally had a spare moment to get on Booklikes and upon reading Literary Ames' post about GR getting their reviews stolen for promoting piracy and porn, I decided to google myself with advanced search. Well, my GR reviews are just under my first name, so it would be like finding a needle in the multiverse, but I did google 'Bambbles'. 


Then the best thing that has happened to me today happened. I found my old Geocities website cached! This means I pretty much regain a years worth of diary entries from 2004 - 2005. I am so, so happy about that.


But I also wrote a few one liners for books that I read that I wanted to share. So I looked and there is like a lot, so I'll do a little write-up for them and then if I've reread them or whatever. I am so happy right now.