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Review: A Gentleman 'Til Midnight by Alison DeLaine

A Gentleman 'Til Midnight (Hqn) - Alison DeLaine

I am debating how I want to write this review. I already wrote a full SCORE review that posted on the blog today, so I think I will just make this the highlight reel. 


A Gentleman 'Til Midnight was a surprise find for me. It literally showed up on my doorstep. I read the first chapter where I found out that this was a)set on the high seas under b)a lady "pirate" captain and c)they just picked up a stranded man who d)turns out to be her bitter enemy. 


Well if this wasn't the book to take with me on my trip, I didn't know what was! 


The plot is fun. It is not all at sea, in fact, only the first third of it is on the boat, but that third was enough for me to fall in love with all of the other titled people on the boat who were not our leads. I mean seriously, this boat has a skeleton crew and like half of them are ladies of the ton (and an earl I think). How the hell is it even still sailing? I decided not to let that bother me and made up the term alternate alternate history. Because Romancelandia = alternate history and this is even a turn from that.


Anyway, the leads aren't quite as endearing to me. James is a walking erection and Katherine is a stubborn headstrong women who doesn't really think before she acts. But they have consistent characterization and sure as hell aren't boring to read about. James pisses me off a little toward the end, but at that point I was invested.


There is a plot moppet in the form of Katherine's daughter from her time in captivity. But that's not really my peeve, so it didn't bother me.


Overall I think DeLaine is going to be someone to watch. I really liked this debut and this she set up some great characters for sequels. I like that it was something fresh with a hint of old school. But most of all, it was entertaining and a book I couldn't put down. 


I look forward to the next one because I think it will be more high seas less disapproving ton.