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Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Across the Universe - Beth Revis

I am shocked by how much I liked this book. I read an author Q & A around the release date and thought the premise sounded good. It would probably be a quick read and if it was bad, I'd stop reading.

It was not bad.

You can read the summary above but basically there is a ship living in a fairly dystopian world, where a leader born to rule runs the people. The ship is on a trans-universal flight to inhabit a new earth and thus has frozen some smart people to help colonize it once they get there. Amy is one of those people. Well, she is the daughter who was aloud to be frozen, but she is accidentally woken up too early. Elder is next in line to be leader and is trained by Eldest. With the unfrozen Amy now in his life he begins to question all that he knew.

This book is gripping. The world that Revis builds is completely believable and interesting. She shows us the right amount of atmosphere without bogging us down in details. The narrative is told in first person alternating between Amy and Elder. It bothered me a bit occasionally but knowing how the course of the novel plays out, it was the best choice.

The novel is marketed YA but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the questions it raises. I would recommend it to anyone who likes dystopian-science fiction. 

My one general peeve with YA right now is everything is a damn series. This is too (I found out by looking at the authors website) but that narrative doesn't suffer because of it. I fully believe that I could just read this book and be happy with how it wrapped up and be content that this is the end. So 1 point in her favor there. I do like the voice and the concept of colonizing another planet, so I'll read on. 

I enjoyed this more than I thought! Highly recommended!


Originally posted on GR in Jan 2011