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Review: Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt

Scandalous Desires - Elizabeth Hoyt

I think this is a turning point book in the series. All of the other two have been building up to this book. And it was worth the build. 

Readers of the Maiden Lane series go into this book with a past that we have seen unfold before us in the previous books. This is not the first time Mickey and Silence have met. And we don't take any time to recap it too much. You probably would get enough information if you were jumping into this series in this book, but I know what they told me would leave me wanting to read the first two (which we also good).

This book was well written, well paced and had some steamy sex scenes (as Ms Hoyt does. Nothing new if you have read another one of her books). The characters are so three dimensional, even the secondary ones I could picture well enough in my head.

I wont say that I didn't see the big series twist coming, but most of the plot twists left me saying "What? This is happening? But how will we move forward with their lurve... let's read on"

I love the Pirate and the Puritan thing they have going between them. Though Silence isn't meek... so I am not sure how much 'puritan' she embodies. 

It did however start off a little too Disney's Beauty and the Beast for me. There was even a point where Charming Mickey says something along the lines of "If she doesn't eat with me, then she doesn't eat at all." My head immediately went to "Well go head and staaaaarrrrve" (me paraphrasing the Beast here.) But this wont damper the experience.

I love this series and if you get anything out of this review, pick this up. Like romance? Sick of the Regencies? In for a Victorian Georgian set in the slums of London? Yes, please. 


Originally posted on GR in Dec 2011