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Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder  - Marissa Meyer

So Humans and Androids? Already sounds interesting right? Yes. We would be right. The intermingling of humans and machines, and human machines is awesome and unique. The machines are integrated into society, just like watching a cool updated Jetsons. The futuristic piece of this novel is very well done!

New Beijing? So this is set in the East somewhere. I LOVE Asian type books. Unfortunately this isn't maximized to it's full potential, but the mentions of the culture are there if you look. They use chopsticks, the celebrations are decorated in red and gold, things like that. But outside of the Chinese honorifics and these side things, it could very well be set in America. What's next?

Gifted mechanic cyborg Cinder? Yes please! I love that she is, well, useful for lack of a better term. She takes control of her own destiny despite obstacles in her path. She is a very strong lead and the serious highlight of the story.

Step-sister's illness. So I see this and I read that while it is a Cinderella retelling, Meyer also makes it her own. And it really succeeds at this. Meyer takes a fairy tale that we know from either the original story or the Disney movie and seamlessly interweaves the plot points into an awesome retelling. 

Intergalactic struggle huh? Spcae?! LUNAR PEOPLE! Well yup. There is an evil moon people and a fun story-line surrounding that. This and the post-apocalyptic atmospheric make it a wonderful SciFi dystopian.

Forbidden attraction. Yay, a love story! Yay, not a love triangle! I love myself some forbidden attraction.

Outside of all of that, the story was very fulfilling. A little more world building would have been cool, but there are three other books in the series. Kai's character is starting off okay, but I look forward to reading more about him and watching him develop further. Cinder however is awesome and probably one of my favorite heroines that I have read in a while. The twist, if that is what is was suppose to be, is really predictable as is the story if you are at all familiar with Cinderella, but I don't think that is a bad thing. 

It is a GREAT start to a new series that I know I will be devouring as they come out! If you like fairy tales, dystopians, scifi or YA, check this out!

And the cover? Totally cool.

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Originally posted on GR in Feb 2012