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Just Finished Reactions: Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

Incarnate  - Jodi Meadows


I read this book in about 4 hrs on a trans-continental(ish) flight. So it was engaging. 

After more pondering though, I think I liked it for the romance aspect (it was fine) but if I took out the romance, it was meh. I do wish there was less romance and more of how this world works. Can you hold a philosophical conversation with a baby? How does the money work? Why is the temple so weird? How do you get your name? If Ana is reincarnated male will she always be Ana? (Unfortunate)

I really don't understand the ending and all the science behind the twist.

Ana didn't bother me too too much. I forgave a lot because she was emotionally abused her whole life. 

Sam was nice but at the same time not. I didn't like some of the things he hid. I can accept he is curious and a kind person for accepting Ana into his home, but outside of initial physical attraction, what draws him to her? Her ability to pick up music? I don't know. I think I should.

I did enjoy it. The romance was done well enough, the story was fine. There are things that could have been better, but by virtue of the fact that this is a ya without a love triangle, it gets points in my book. 

I'm totally going to keep reading


Originally posted on GR in 2012