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Just Finished Reactions: The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James

The Ugly Duchess - Eloisa James

I never wrote a full review for this, but I did have two mini ones. One from GR and the other from my blog, The Broke and the Bookish. I am just going to put both here.


Oh, The Ugly Duchess. Why did you cause me so much angst? This book had a completely new plot for me that was executed well, but I couldn't help myself from wanting to die for the first third of the book. It just made my tummy hurt. I guess I should back up.

Theodora and James grew up together, so much so that they never saw each other as romantic interests. Until James has to marry her to save his father, and thus convince her that he actually loves her. And then while convincing her finds out he actually does. It sounds so convoluted when I tell it, but suffice it to say I was sick.

My biggest problem, despite needing stock in Tums, was for a romance novel it seemed like they spent so much time apart! I did like the pirates though. And it was well executed technically.

Eloisa James's Fairy Tale retellings are only connected by the fact that they are fairy tales, so you can read this stand alone of the moment moves you.


I was debating between three and four stars, but since this is a completely new to me plot for Romancelandia, and executed well, I have to give credit where credit is due. But I did have some qualms, and as I sort my brain out I am sure these will be able to be better written.


Yeah... I never did get my brain sorted out about this. But I am happy with the three stars.