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Review: The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick

The Paid Companion - Amanda Quick

Oh this audiobook! How could I ever forget listening to you!

Personal Backstory:
I was driving alone on a car trip 5 hours to see one of my good friends. Seeing as Ohio is mostly corn and worried about falling asleep, I went to the library to scope out what I could find. This is how I found The Paid Companion. 

Now as I sit here and try to find another book like enraptured me so, I am thinking of this book.

Oh man. It say a lot that after at least 3 years I still remember this book. It was about a guy and his companion (why yes, she was paid! How did you guess?). It's her last ditch effort at a job, and he is an unlikable nobleman who I think may be a scientist as well. Where there was some mystery plot afoot and rubies were involved.

What I remember is the voice. Oh Michael Page (whom I just looked up to make sure it was him)! I love his voice and reading sooo much. I was so enraptured that the whole 5 hour drive home, I stopped once for a milkshake and even then it was through the drive through so I could keep listening. 

I loved this so much I made my sister listen to it as well (I think she caught the last part and was really intrigued).

The sexy times made me blush at stoplights, and occasionally laugh out loud. I am pretty sure some people thought I was crazy. But I loved every minute of this. 

All audiobooks that I listen to live up to this first standard.