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A Book that Makes You Cry


Since I already used The Time Traveler's Wife in the prompt for a book that makes you sad (but for real that book makes me cry buckets of ugly tears), I went back to my "emoted" shelf to take a peek.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows made me cry. I remember that I was RAing at a summer exchange "welcome to america. here's how we do college" sort of program, and I had gotten to the ending chapters. Silent tears were streaming down my face and I was trying SO HARD to be quite. I didn't want my Japanese roommate's first impression of The American College Roommate(tm) to be "cries over fictional characters." I am pretty sure I didn't wake her, but I guess I can never be sure it wasn't just her faking sleep to avoid That Awkward Roommate Moment(tm).


Another cry inducer for me is books about the Holocaust. Night, The Diary of a Young Girl, and All But My Life are ones I definitely remember tears for. 


Two very vivid book memories I have of trying to read through blurred vision are with The Lords of Discipline and Gone with the Wind. I remember having to just constantly wipe my eyes, as if my hands were windshield wipers, to just be able to make out the outline of the page! 


I'm sure there are some more, but really more often I just feel sad and heartbroken. The waterworks really only start if the stars align in that extra special magical way.